Friday, 13 February 2015

I've Got One Like That!

Photo:  Design Milk
My home has an amazing feature in common with the wonderfully clever Sharifi-ha House in Tehran. I too can rotate my living space to reflect whim or the seasons.  All I need to do is check that the battery has got enough juice, make sure the awning is down and everything is packed away safely. Then it's just a matter of reversing backwards and forwards and hey presto! My outlook changes.

Photo:  Design Milk

Unfortunately,  I haven't got room in here for a swimming pool!


  1. Your lifestyle choice gives you a great deal more freedom than those of us house bound. There's been a lot in the press of late about living in small spaces. I find it all fascinating [not that I have a big house].

  2. You will feel very strange for a while when you move back into a house! Are you going to stay in the van for a whole year to experience every season?

    1. Not sure how long we'll stay. We're booked into the campsite until the end of May but its likely to be longer as we're both still happy. Lou is asking for a tent so his friends can come for sleepovers in the summer. x