Monday, 2 February 2015

Project Restoration

I found an article on the Guardian's website moving.  It recounts  the thoughts of  a supermarket delivery driver in one of our big anonymous cities.  What restores his faith in humanity is being given a tip by some elderly folk in a run down tower block after being treated insensitivity and rudely by others who were in a much better position to make a similar gesture.

The life of me and my lad is, in the main, cocooned with love and kindness.  We have the support of lovely friends and family who watch out for us.  In spite of their own significant difficulties the people on my caseload in a rural older adult mental health team show consideration towards me and are appreciative of the job I do.  It is easy to forget a lot of the time that there is cruelty and neglect in the world.

Of course, there is though    I'm deeply saddened by the murder of the kindly looking journalist Kenji Goto.  How could that have happened?   Occasionally I come across overt and insipid evil in my own journey in life and despair at the behaviour of humans.  Carl Jung had the idea that we are reluctant to acknowledge our own evil and instead project its shadow on others so maybe I'm not immune from having the finger pointed. Yet, I try my best to be benevolent and am resilient enough to take action when nasty things happen.  And thank heavens I still believe that the vast majority of my fellow men are intrinsically good.  It's all too easy for those who are constantly beleaguered themselves or work with those where suffering at the hands of others is rife  to become jaded and hardened and lose sight of the idea of the inherent goodness within others and themselves.

So my challenge for the week is for all of us to go out there and try in a small way to restore the hope of another human being with an act of kindness or wisely chosen words. As it says at the top of my blog. 'There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.'  There are many who are broken but that might make the job easier. 


  1. Wise words and I so agree... the news we keep on hearing about hideous things happening in the world, can make us despair and give up. The best counter-attack to all that is to make our bit of the world as kindly and positive as we are able...

  2. You are right...acts of kindness can have a deeper and more lasting effect than we know. Every good action helps to counterbalance the evil in the world.

  3. words of encouragement for sure

  4. I am one of those who "work with those where suffering at the hands of others is rife become jaded and hardened and lose sight of the idea of the inherent goodness within others and themselves" working in a criminal justice setting as a nurse who has always tried to see the good in people. I'm thankful for your gentle reminder that there is good out there...


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