Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sea View Two

I have been very stressed lately. There, I've said it!   Sometimes the picture that I paint of my life in Blogland does not match the reality. The image that I've created of a grey girl chilling in a picture perfect van is an illusion. For weeks and weeks, night after weekday night I've been bringing work home with the hope of  getting to grips with paperwork. Studying and nice stuff has been put on the back burner.  But last Friday at 8:10pm I finally caught up.  The last overdue notes were done and letters had been dictated   However when I got back to work after my long weekend on Wednesday it was nose to the grindstone again. Determined not to get behind again I didn't finish the notes, emails and letters that a day's work had generated until 9:30 in the evening.  Don't even go there if you're thinking about giving me lessons in time management. You'll get a drubbing.  Sometimes lack of staff and unprecedented spikes in workload mean that any amount of clever planning just doesn't cut the mustard.

What has saved me from going bonkers is going away for weekends, leaving the work behind and relaxing.  This is the fifth one in a row that I've been away.  I've escaped, just down the road this time, to Teignmouth for a girlie weekend.  It's Salty Dog's birthday and six of us have rented an even swankier holiday home than last week's at Brighton.  Here's two pictures of the view from the living room.  Somehow, my phone kindly monochromed one for me.  I'm not at all sure how it did it but it was a happy accident.

Lou and I only had a brief glimpse of the murmuration, a synchronised flight of hundreds of starlings around Brighton's burnt out West Pier.  The lovely  Passenger sings about them before being called a knob by his girlfriend.  Yesterday though their Devonian cousins put on a display around Teignmouth's pier that we watched for the best part of an hour.   It was a great start to what is likely to be an amazing weekend.


  1. I so support you in not listening to any critics that want to put the overwhelming work load back to your time management. This is A #1 reason I have finally made the leap out of my current race of a job, and to what I believe will be position, still in line with my values and aspirations, but with what I checked out from multiple sources, has considerably more work life balance. Weekend escapes, girls nights out, time with you and your kiddo should not have to take a back seat, but unfortunately it means you have to do double duties on your work days. Not sure why it was ever determined that people who choose careers in charitable mission based work should make sacrifices in both time and pay to forward the cause. Know Lovely Grey you have kindred souls and admit your stress all you want!

  2. It looks like you've found the perfect place to chill and try to ignore the work commitments. I hope that the weather stays good. Jx

  3. Stress seems to play a huge part in most peoples lives whether they admit it or not.
    We have to handle it in the best way for us - everyone else can butt out !

  4. Hope the workload starts to decrease soon. As we said when we met the elements of our lives we show on our blogs are the cut down version. Make sure you look after yourself.

  5. I was in the middle of a long comment supporting you and mentioning my own son in the care industry and admin hooha (obvs better worded and thought out) when Blogger b*ggered off. Am now cross. So basically, I support you and am proud of him.
    short and to the point.
    just like me.
    Envy your mobile living.

  6. Thanks for all your kind support. I've had a lovely weekend of chilling and recharged those batteries! Next week looks like it could be less stress inducing but who knows. Very chilled after a weekend with my girlies!x