Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Photo:  Pen Waggener
I am at that stage of a cold where my need for paper hankies is never ending and I'm stuffing huge numbers of them up my sleeves and in my pocket when a bin isn't handy.  If I'm not careful some of them will lurk around  until laundry day, disintegrate in the machine and cover my black clothes with a faint covering of snowy tissue particles.  They're a right pain in the arse to get off again.

We had a brief flurry of the real stuff yesterday.  Great clumps of snowflakes were hurtling towards the car on my journey home up the A38.  Even as my 50th birthday approaches, I get childishly excited about the stuff.   Perhaps Lou and I would have to hole up on the campsite for a couple of days making snowmen and throwing snowballs?  My excitement was short lived.  Alas, the 'blizzard' ceased after ten minutes and I awake this morning to the usual shades outside of blue, brown, grey and green.

Isn't every snowflake supposed to be unique?  'Bollocks' I thought  to myself as any distinguished philosopher might.  There's been so many falling in so many places across the world that this fact couldn't possibly be right. I only had to go to Wiki to confirm that my thinking was correct.   In 1988, an atmospheric researcher, Nancy Knight found two that were identical.  Now that's my type of science!


  1. I love snow too, probably my favourite weather! Even if some of them are identical, snowflakes are still amazing and beautiful.

  2. I read and watch the news with heaps of snow everywhere but in my home state. I too love a good snow in.

  3. If you use Tempo tissues, they do not disintegrate in the wash, and they are soft on the nose.