Monday, 9 February 2015

Deaf as a Blooming Great Post

Every time that I get a cold my world goes eerily quiet. I sometimes get my words in a muddle and say that my Fallopian tubes are blocked but that's not the case.  If I hadn't had mine removed in a medical emergency they'd be in an entirely different place in my body.  No, it's my Eustachian tubes that get bunged up. They link the upper respiratory system to the ear.  Currently my deafness is partial but in the past its been near complete. My ability to lip read is pretty poor and my interpretation of what others are saying can get very flawed indeed.  People were once mistakenly served all sorts of weird and wonderful potions when I worked in a bar and decided, maybe erroneously that hearing loss was no barrier to working.   As the infection that causes the blockage in the first place starts to get better, I can start to hear again intermittently if I hold my nose, shut my mouth and try to blow air out of the body.  I was surprised to learn that this procedure has a name, the Valsalva Maneouvre.  A kind of Heimlich one for the ears maybe?  They both remove blockages after all.  I'm having no joy at the moment but look forward to the time when the air breaks through with a satisfying pop.   In the meantime I'm stoical about the situation. Sometimes it doesn't hurt someone who works with people with disabilities to walk in their shoes.


  1. Welcome to my world. My left eardrum was shattered when I was ten and not repaired until I was forty, that lasted for three years and I am now back at square one. I do lip-read quite a bit, since the hearing aid doesn't always pick up what I want to hear.

    I hope you will have release soon.