Saturday, 7 February 2015

First Class?

Whilst buying air tickets last week a frivolous thought struck me.  I could use some of that £900 saved by changing our transatlantic route to upgrade to club class on the way home. Lou and I could wallow in one of those great big chairs eating posh nosh with proper cutlery. It is my birthday trip after all.  My inner meanie came to the rescue just in time and told me that we can do a lot on holiday with that extra £600. It'll easily pay for our entire time in Vancouver. So sadly we'll be joining the scrum at the back of the plane.

I didn't think I'd   be roughing it  today though on my trip to London. You'll find out what I'm up to in the Big Smoke tomorrow. I've only gone booked myself into the first class carriage for a measly £8 extra for the return trip on South West Trains route from the West Country. So what do I get that's extra. A complimentary cuppa? Some tempting nibbles? Perhaps a newspaper? No there's none of that. Just a bigger seat in a freezing cold carriage with no buffet service at all let alone any freebies.  What did I expect? This is budget first class!


  1. You're right, there are MUCH more fun ways to spend £600! Think how hard you work to earn that money and enjoy every penny. In club class, you'd be so comfortable you would sleep most of it away!

  2. Ehhh! Nothing in Firsdt class?? I got free breakie, wifi bigger seat etc tea and coffee from Newcastle to Sheffield early morning ish. What goes down??? Meh, My hub would reg get upgrades and avail himself of the free wine and beer in first class chuggin home from London to Alnmouth at the weekends. Rip.

    1. Ah it depends on the operator. SWT offering is particularly sad :( x

  3. I was almost tempted last week to click thee upgrade of $90 to fist class on my connecting DC to Chicago flight. I was to have another 2 hour layover, an the thought of cocktails and snacks in a seat with lot's of arm and leg room sounded wonderful after two days in meeting rooms. I passed and good thing as the flight was cancelled due to 18 inches of snow in Chicago.

  4. You must have felt so cheated after paying for an upgrade, no matter how reasonable it was. Seems first class means different things to different operators. What a shame.

  5. I have travelled both business class and first class (via my old job I hasten to add) and it was lovely but having much less money these days I could have a whole other holiday for the additional cost. I know what I'd rather have!