Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wombling Free

Here's a picture I took at Teignmouth last week that gives a clue to where we're heading today, the sixth weekend in a row that I've been away from Klaus the Knaus. Things quieten down considerably from next week onwards - unless someone has other plans and tempts me to do something else that's exciting.  I'll probably be game.  It pays to be a flexible friend.

We're off to Wimbledon for a party, a 50th just a few weeks in advance of my own celebration of miraculously surviving for half a century in spite of being one of the most accident prone human beings on the planet.  For a few years I lost touch with e-Laura, the birthday girl, an old schoolfriend. Happily we're now reunited thanks to Facebook and have met up a few times. To now, it's always been without Louis so I'm quite excited about showing off my product of degenerate single motherhood.

I thought we could head off early to check out the most famous haunt of the Wombles and see if we can spot one.  Wiki tells me that they are a global species and do not necessarily restrict themself to South West London.  Keep your eyes peeled! I was chuffed to discover that there's a Cousin Yellowstone.  I'll look out for him among those grizzlies later in the year.  'Are they those knitted things that live on the moon?' Louis asked after I'd mentioned that they had pointy noses and liked recycling.  He begged for mercy as I tunelessly sang their theme song to provide another prompt.  No, he's never heard of them.  Seemingly this is something else that I've missed from my parenting agenda.  It needs to be put right!


  1. I hope you do spot a Womble. Loved that programme as a child; I'm a year older than you!