Saturday, 14 March 2015

"Ah! Family Entertainment.....With Nazis"

Like me,  the film version of 'The Sound of Music' is 50 this year.  It's probably the reason that there's so many Julies about.  We all seem to have been born  around this time.  I told one of my printmaking buddies that I was taking Louis to see the school's version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein piece that was chosen to mark this anniversary. Today's title is how he described this iconic piece of kitsch theatre. It made me giggle rather a lot.

My main motive for buying those last minute tickets was to see just how a boys' school manages to cast a play where the main character is a woman and there's an awful lot of nuns.  After all Shakespeare was said to have managed without having to tempting any Tudor women onto the stage.   The director here did not follow the Bard's example. Female cast members had been rustled up from the sixth form and the girl's school over the road. Sadly, there was a complete absence of  schoolboys in ecclesiastical drag.  However a male history teacher couldn't resist donning a habit during the interval. There's always one!

Now school performances seem to have come a long way since my childhood.  No ham acting, warbly singing or flappy backdrops.  The quality of the show was excellent, really not far at all from professional standards.  An absolute bargain night out.  Twelve pounds for tickets for me and the boy who was so impressed he's tempted to audition next year.  Here's some of my photos - complete with the heads of audience members just to prove that it was a live performance.

Some of those nuns - just about to burst into a rendition of 'How do you solve a problem like Maria?'

Awwww!  The moment that Maria and Baron von Trapp reveal their love for each other.  Never let it be said that I am not a soppy blighter under that hard exterior!

And yes, there were swastikas but thankfully my recollection was correct. The school hadn't fallen into a trap of politically incorrect madness. The von Trapps weren't Nazis themselves.  It's why they had to escape over the mountains. Duh!

To end here's a song from that film that came out all those years ago. We sang along to this all the way home.

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  1. Sensible to rope in girls from local schools I think...drag artist nuns might have given the wrong vibes. When I was in the 6th form I was comandeered to be a witch in the boys' school "Macbeth". It looks a good production. I miss my am-dram days from when we lived in Milton Keynes: I'm really not up to am-dram in French, I fear!