Sunday, 29 March 2015

An Eggcellent Evening

It's the morning after the night before...or more correctly the afternoon.  I'm late blogging today after the massive clean up that is the consequence of a good party.  None of my own photos to show as I was too busy dancing and socialising.

Anyway there's an assignment deadline due on Thursday so there's not much time to write a post.   I just thought that I'd share a couple of photos from a piece covering a school's egg decorating contest in the Herald that we spotted whilst waiting for our breakfast at Captain Jaspers .  Can you guess who this is?  It's Egg Sheeran of course....

....and of course this Egg Miliband could be leading the country in just over a month's time.  These are lovely.  I'm just a little bit disappointed that there wasn't an Eggy Izzard!


  1. Eggy Izzard would have been perfect.

    1. Would he have been in a dress? I think almost certainly he'd have to be.

  2. Oh yes, certainly.

    BTW, I saw this today and thought of you -