Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bad Book Club

My reading, although providing  food for thought, has been on the serious side lately.  Think  back to the truly excellent Viktor Frankl's 'Man's Search for Meaning and Clive Stafford Smith's heartbreaking  Justice.  I needed to lighten up.    A man's quest to take me on a tour of all the books that I didn't know that I didn't need to read sounded just what I needed. Although I had read some of the stuff discussed.  Anyone who has perused Nancy Friday's Secret Garden will know how that dirty dream involving a donkey sticks in one's mind.  In complete contrast a couple of Cliff Richard biographies made my way into my library pile in the olden days. No-one could ever accuse me of being uneclectic.

We're going on a train journey today and it's a good job that I've finished the Bad Book Club.  For, with its mixture of sharp wit, filth and silliness it made me laugh out loud.  Not timid titters but great big guffaws. I've probably snorted a bit as well, a habit that I'm sure finishing school would have knocked out of me if I'd been.  Then again you probably don't get many council house girls from Essex knocking about in those place.

Here's a quote right from the end of the book, the last laugh as it were. Read on and see if this book might be one that brightens your life as well.  It's a commentary a piece Margaret Knox's self help book 'How to Marry the Man of Your Choice' on what to wear to meet men.

'Chapter Two deals with this but not before Margaret first reminds you that being clean is important.  After all, perhaps you've never found your man because you stinkl like an old canal during high summer.  On sartorial advice, little is left out - from the colour of clothes to fabric, which should be silky.  Do not wear things that are 'metallic, corduroy or nubby wool' - so that's your folk singing robot costume out of the window.'


  1. Hello LGD - a friend pointed me in your direction yesterday when we were talking about Occupational Therapy. Have enjoyed reading your last few blogs, so shall put you on my blog list. Hope you will pop over and visit me sometime. On my list of blogs I follow I am pretty sure you would love Going Gently - do go over and read him - he will definitely make you laugh.

    1. Hi Weaver of Grass - Thanks for visiting. I'll come and see you sometime soon. I read 'Going Gently' already. He's a good and funny writer.