Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Caravan Ahoy!

Salty Dog is hankering after a vintage caravan to do up.  I'm not a tow-er myself so have tried to put her off. But each to their own.  As she rightly points out a motorhome comes with the increased costs associated with running a vehicle; tax, insurances, servicing and she doesn't want all that.

On her behalf I went and had a look on Ebay to see if I could find something suitable and came across this caraboat in need of much TLC.  In spite of this it sold for impressive £499. Given Salty Dog's nautical bent I think it would have been just fine for her.
Photo: British Pathe

I wondered what a pristine example of this mad British intervention might have looked like. Help was at hand from Pathe news. You'll have to follow this link to see a short movie clip from the '60s demonstrating just how this dual-purpose piece of kit operated. Launching it, after attaching an outboard motor and some buffers certainly alarmed a few swans and old ladies.

Photo: British Pathe
I have to say that I'm dubious about its practicality.  The couple 'sailing' the vessel look distinctly worried.  It looks pretty rocky on even the flat, calm waters of the Thames and they look like they're trying to stay as still as possible to avoid capsize.  Even so the concept is pretty good.  And if Salty Dog manages to get her own caraboat I'm game to try it.  I'll be wearing my swimming cozzie though and will be ready to jump out of the window just in case!

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