Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cheapest Half Term Ski Ever?

Ah  a freshly groomed piste!  It's not something that I clapped eyes on myself this year.  I just had to listen to Mr Metrosexual and Salty Dog regale me with stories of their snowy trips to the Pyrenees.  The poorly ankle that gave way back in October took an age to heal.  That in turn had a knock on effect on recovery after my cruciate repair.  I still have muscle wastage in my thigh and one leg that's thinner than the other.  My surgeon was philosophical and put slow and set back recovery due to my age. It's going to take more time. Unless I fancied a trip back to the operating table, a jaunt down the slopes wouldn't have been sensible in 2015. Alas Lou and I had to forego our annual ski trip.

But we're already nearly a quarter of the way through the year and 2016 beckons.  Insomnia can be useful.  In the middle of the night I got to wondering if, by booking really, really early, I could create my own little ski package at spring half term, traditionally one of the most expensive weeks, that was even cheaper than our January break in 2014 when I took Louis out of school.  This is quite a challenge but I'm up for it.

Since becoming a single mum Soldeu in Andorra has been our destination of choice.  I fancy a change but can't afford Alpine prices.  So we're changing resort in the same country and heading for the Massana ski area.  It's smaller than we're used to but still gives us sufficient runs to keep us happy for a five day break.

So, did my cunning ploy work?  Well we aren't lapping up  luxury this time around. That's out of the question.  But for around £280 I've found a perfectly adequate room in a  two star ski apartment with buffet breakfasts and dinner thrown in.  Reading between the lines it looks as if meals are taken in the four star hotel over the road where there's a pool and jacuzzi that we can use.  Result!  What's even more remarkable is that by using the website to book we don't have to pay a penny until we get to the resort in nearly a year's time.  That's accommodation sorted without any upfront cost.
Flights into Barcelona look as if they're going to be £300. This will be booked as soon as they become available.  I'm a bit too early to catch the worm yet.  That leaves just over £900 for a night's stay in my favourite city and all those transfer and ski costs before the budget of £1,500 that I've got in my head is blown.  Eminently do-able.  In the meantime I'll use the next eleven months to get my knee and ankle nice and stable again.  It'll have knock-on benefits for the rest of my life too!

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