Saturday, 21 March 2015

Flamingo Mk.1

I'm a bit premature in showing off the results of my printmaking course but too excited by the results to keep them to myself. After I've come out of my last two classes the chemicals flowing through my brain and body are akin to those that flow whilst in love.  Pah! Who needs a man when you've got a pile of art materials!  When I confided in the people at work that this had happened they said that I was mad.  Maybe I knew that already.

Anyway, I started to cut this flamingo last spring when I was recovering from knee surgery.  The pose on one leg was supposed to be a very simplistic metaphor for my own situation.  I was pleased with the bird but couldn't get the background, cut on a second piece of lino, right. So, like many other of my craft projects this particular picture was put on the back burner.

Now Simon, my tutor at Exeter's Double Elephant Print Workshop is excellent and enthusiastic.   And patient for I am one of the messiest buggers on earth whilst in the throes of working.  With his help the other students have made some amazing pieces using a wide range of wacky techniques that have included using photographic bits and pieces and magic black dust.  After a brief foray with monoprinting in the first session, I've stuck fast to my linocutting for that was what I wished to develop. With Simon's help with design and technique I've come up with a print I'm proud of.  This isn't the final version though.  The beak isn't quite right.


  1. that is well done, it looks good to me.

  2. It is lovely. You should be proud!

  3. Wow! Makes me want to do art, too!

  4. That is marvellous, it must be such a rewarding thing to do.

    Have a look at you might like Celia's work - she blogs too, as Purple Podded Peas.