Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Look Inside

Too much emphasis these days is placed on achieving the 21st century world's definition of physical perfection.  So much time and energy is wasted in aspiring to an impossible ideal.  It seems that many think that it's perfectly okay to outwardly criticise those who don't meet the mark.  Many others are full of self-loathing of how they perceive themselves.   My own refusal to dye my hair and wear make-up has become a statement against buying into these myths.  Sure, sometimes I look a bit tired but I'm willing to trade illusion for authenticity.  And I'd rather spent my time pursuing meaningful goals such as being the best parent that I can be, creating stuff and trying in a small way to make the world a better place rather than using those precious minutes to cover a few lumps, bumps and wrinkles.

This is Lizzie Velasquez.  She has been described as the world's ugliest woman and a monster by some extremely rude so and so s out there.  Watch this video and decide who is the most repulsive, Lizzie or those who feel that it's their right to make these cruel judgements . It's pretty easy to come to a decision.


  1. Pretty is as pretty does, I have not worm make up or dyed my hair for more than half my life. I am happy in my skin and my opinion is the only one that matters to me. I wear my colour in my clothes and any more would be too much.

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  3. I understand with all these near the mark advertising photos of models pulling their teensy knickers down to show their pubic bone off people are now trundling off to get plastic surgery done to theirs to match up. Complete madness!

  4. I think I would call her a great lady.

  5. What an amazing young woman, thank you for posting it.