Thursday, 12 March 2015

More Fulltiming? The Plan

Photo:Helge Øverås
Should I stay or should I go?", a jolly fine tune from The Clash, guaranteed to get me up and do some of that embarrassing mum dancing that I mentioned yesterday.   I have a bit of a pogo at the end.  You need a good supportive bra for that to avoid eye injuries!  The song title poses a question that I've been asking myself lately.  My own particular conundrum isn't centred on relationship angst but rather where and how we should live.

Lou and I  now well into month five of motorhome living and the time has flown, rather enjoyably I have to say.  The winter was mild but even so, needed to be weathered.   A comfortable day to day existence has depended on relishing a cocoon of indoor cosiness rather than recreating camping holiday experiences where much of the day is spent outside.  Things are changing though.  On my first quiet weekend for yonks I spent time outdoors reading in a lounger and enjoying the sun on my face.  Okay I was shrouded in a fluffy blanket but it was a start.  Effortless outdoor eating, evening walks, wild swims, impromptu gatherings and kid camps where Louis  invites his mates for sleepovers in a tent all beckon.  Should I stay to enjoy little micro holidays each  evening or go back to conventional living and enjoy that beautiful seaside home?

People are definitely in two camps. Those who think that I was totally bonkers when I moved into Klaus the Knaus haven't wavered.  For many others I'm living their dream and they're egging me on to continue through the summer months.   There hasn't been much arm twisting involved.  We're staying on  until next autumn.  Unless my tenants give notice.  If that happens we might revisit our decision and head off to live at the seaside.

There's still a decision of the 'staying or going' kind to be made.  Should we remain here on the site that has served us well over the winter or move on up the road to another with easy access to work and the school bus  that is only open for the summer months?  After all we have wheels and a change of scenary is oh so easy to achieve. I'm stilling mulling that one over and will let you all know when I've decided.


  1. The only thing I found was when my son hit hormonal teens he suddenly really needed personal space where he could close the door so that might be a factor later on down the line but enjoy what's happening now!

    1. I've already thought of that. When this happens this will precipitate a move back to a conventional home x