Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Muff with Buttons!

When I was shown these knitting instructions for a Twiddle Muff  yesterday I had to giggle.  There's too many double-entendre laden phrases in there for a puerile 'Carry On' inspired mind to ignore.  The concept is excellent though and thankfully  it's not about bejazzling with wool. People with advancing dementia can get a bit fidgetty. Snuggly muffs decorated inside and out(!) are thought to be a wonderful resource for providing tactile stimulation.

Staff at Exeter's Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital are asking people to knit Twiddle Muffs so that they can gift them to patients.  I can't knit for toffee so this blog post is my contribution to the project.  I'm asking anyone who can help to go ahead and use your imagination to decorate a Twiddle Muff that will help keep someone with dementia a bit more comfortable in hospital.  They often have a hard time in  such an alien setting.  Or knit one for a loved one or start a project to provide them for a hospital or care home locally.   I hope I've started something here.  Please show me the results if you take up my challenge.


  1. 2 years ago I made one for my mum (she had dementia). Dad thoughtnI was daft and couldn't see the point of it, but kept an open mind. He later told me that it was a god send as she would sit and play with it for hours. Last year a challenge was set, at the craft club I go to, to make 100 of these before Christmas. We succeded and I decorated the muffs and distributed them to residential homes, individuals and the local hospital. yhere are still some people knitting them and I'm still decorating and distributing them. I have recently learnt that many other people are amking them too. They are easy to make, a great way to learn to knit and incredibley useful.

    1. Hi Carol - I'm really glad that these get a seal of approval and they're so useful in practice. Makes me think that it was even more worthwhile to post about them! x

  2. What a good idea, I shall look in my odds and ends basket to see what I have. Thanks for the link.

  3. I will try too make something too. I do keep my odds and ends of yarn and other crafty bits. Thank you for suggesting this project.