Thursday, 26 March 2015

Niggles Resolved

When you're living somewhere that's smaller than the average dwelling, and have the type of personality where an untidy house equates to an untidy mind, it's absolutely essential that everything  remains just so.  As space is a very valuable commodity indeed and is often multi-functional it's extreme hard to ignore pockets of untidiness or indeed a way of storing something that just doesn't really work. I've been making some changes to my motorhome, Klaus the Knaus,  that have rectified some of the niggles that using him as a full-time dwelling have brought to the fore.  These pretty cushions were not  just bought as they were a perfect match for my swanky retro upholstery and make my van look even more homely.  They also give me something to sit on when eating.  Before I felt like a toddler when eating and I wasn't quite high enough to reach the table comfortable. Now the table:bench ratio can be made perfect.

Adding a simple but very chunky hook to the storage area near the main entrance to the living space means that my broom doesn't fall over every time I go out and bar my way as I come in. Grrr!  Hopefully it'll be man enough to withstand braking and corner turns when I'm driving too.  That's the plan anyway.  It's due to be tested out at the weekend when we leave our normal campsite for a birthday adventure.

I was also getting mightily pee-ed off whenever I tripped over Crocs, trainers and the like that we wear often and never seem to make it back to the Thule shoe organiser.    More of those inexpensive  black bungees that I use to keep my books secure  have provided a ready storage solution.  Simply wrapped around the passenger seat adjacent to the main entrance door they provide a place where footwear can been 'hung' next to the coats.

So my sanity has been restored.   Just a few simple measures have meant that those things that were driving me a little bit mad on a daily basis have been magicked away!


  1. I am filled with admiration of you, I dislike clutter anywhere except my sewing room. I have never tried living in such a tiny space, the smallest place was a 2 bedroom static caravan. When the house was finished I was reluctant to leave it, and now I am toying with the idea of buying one to live in.

  2. Very creative!

  3. I'm with you on the untidy house/ untidy mind thing. I had to have a clean and tidy house before I could settle down to study when I was at uni.
    Have a fab weekend, and a very ' Happy Birthday' from both of us for the 1st!

    1. Thanks for your lovely kind wishes. xxx