Thursday, 19 March 2015

Origami with a (Small) Price

Photo: Won Park

Ever wondered what to do with that leftover holiday spending money that you didn't remember to convert back into the legal tender of your own country?  Well here's a clever idea. Instead of popping those notes in a drawer and forgetting them when you next go away why not get folding?  The dexterous among you could create a memory of your holiday and display it for the world to see.  Let the very clever work of Hawaiian origami artist Won Park be your inspiration.

If I were not quite so butterfingered here's one I could make with two of those dollar bills that we'll inevitably bring back from the US later in the year.  Let's hope the bears that we see in Yellowstone National Park won't get quite as snappy with us.

Photo: Won Park

Or maybe in a few spare minutes I could knock up this crab.  It might serve as a reminder of a creature found on a beach on the Pacific North West coast that we lovingly put back into a rock pool.  Or one we'll encounter in a restaurant that will make its way into our tummies!  Crustacean is one of Louis' favourite foods after all.

Photo: Won Park

This is my favourite of Won Park's design although I'm not clear where a koi carp fits into my own travel plans.   I'm sure that I don't have to point out how blooming clever it is to get the markings on the bill to corresponded to the fish's eye.  Genius!   For those intrepid crafters out there, blessed with more patience and nimbler fingers than my own, here's a link to the instructions to make one.


  1. The fish is beautiful. I looked at the instructions and barely understood much after the first picture!

  2. I shall just look at these and enjoy them, no way I could attempt them.