Friday, 13 March 2015

Sleep Denied and Given

Here's me asleep.  Actually I'm not really.  I'd have to be blooming clever to take a selfie whilst in the Land of Nod. This was taken on the ferry to France in November, part of the pictorial reminder of my solitary getaway.  I had an inkling that it might come in handy sometime when I talked yet again about that hoary old chestnut that is insomnia.  Yawn!

Yep, I'm going through another bout, the probable consequence of a mind filled with too many pervasive thoughts about the bits work and studying that I haven't done and need to do. Aaaaargh!  There's so much going round and round and round........

Before the age of technology I would have been left to my own devices to fret and fidget.  These days help is at hand.  On a smartphone niftily tucked under my pillow I play sleep meditations to guide me back to a sweet dream state.  More often than not they do the trick.  The Honest Guys  who've produced a wide range of useful free guided meditations have some of my favourites.  Here's a link to their Guided Sleep Talkdown with Gentle Rain.  The pitter patter of those soft raindrops in the background augmented the ferocious ones landing on my van roof in the early hours of this morning that probably roused me in the first place. Somehow the guys wove their magic and, in spite of the wild windy weather outside I was able to drop off again.

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