Sunday, 15 March 2015

Smaller Than Mine!

Photo: Wonderful Engineering
Notwithstanding copious  nagging about even minimal amounts of untidiness, Louis and I rub along very comfortably indeed in living space that's around thirteen metres square.  According to the Mail, so it must be true, that is about one-sixth of the floor area of the average UK family home.  Yet students at Chongqing University have designed a gorgeous prototype house that has a floor area that's just over half the size of my motorhome. This seems unfeasibly tiny but by Jove, thanks to clever use of storage space and a rising/falling table that converts a study area into a chillout zone, it works.  Like my own home it has a mezzanine that provides generous bed space.

Ph111oto: Wonderful Engineering
The appliance count is way higher than in my own pad.  There's an built in oven so there's no need to rummage around in the built in storage under the benches when there's a hankering for a hot Pieminster pie, if indeed they have those in China. Whilst I have to traipse over to a amenities block to do my laundry the lucky inhabitant of this home doesn't have to set foot outside.  Apparently there's also a dishwasher hidden away somewhere in that compact kitchen.

Photo: Wonderful Engineering

I'm very taken by this compact bathroom that may well be the design inspiration for an ensuite shower room that I want to create for Louis in the attic hideaway in our Brixham home. I didn't think that there was room for one in the restricted roof space but this proves that it's eminently possible.

Photo: Wonderful Engineering

This experimental home doesn't have sides and doors.  It's an exhibition piece so it needs to allow lots of people the chance to peep in all at once. In converting this prototype into reality the challenge will be to retain that quality of light and spaciousness when providing privacy and security.  That will take a bit of extra thought. but I'm sure that it can be done.  And surely there's potential to add a roof terrace to so that this perfectly feasible teeny tiny home can have some outside space?


  1. Isn't that amazing? I hope you manage to work out the engineering for Louis' shower room.

  2. Thanks for sharing this like - love, love , love the teeny, tiny house x