Monday, 23 March 2015

Stretching Squash

It's been a weekend of studying interspersed revelry with Salty Dog both evenings to stop my head exploding from all that academic effort. Follow this link to check out the incredibly talented Land of the Giants, a Plymouth band that we caught in Newton Abbot on Friday. Their lead singer is unfeasibly cute. There, I thought I'd better get that in before I'm 50 next week and pass the point where it becomes totally unacceptable to  leer at men half my age!  Perhaps I'll take up crochet or some other wholesome hobby to wean me off the habit.  Oh, by the way thanks to all those that have expressed real or feigned surprise at my advanced age.  It's been appreciated by the woman who, in her deluded little head, still believes that she's about 21.

In order to devote as much time as possible to working on my assignment I cooked ahead. A butternut squash  was roasted very successfully in the halogen oven on Thursday night and I did a variation on the double recipe that I posted way back.  Half of the most  gorgeous variety of veg  known to man was eaten on the day simply adorned with grated parmesan and  lardons of bacon.  A tortilla sandwich filling was made with the rest.  I fried onion, carrrot, pepper, halved baby cherry tomatoes, chopped spring greens and a half a packet of cubed feta.  This was simply seasoned with salt, pepper and smoked paprika.  That did for tea for me and Salty Dog, who doesn't eat meat, on Friday night. More of the mix went into a tortilla parcel with the addition of some chopped chorizo for Saturday lunch..  And here was last night's supper.  The puree mix made a rather delicious side dish for some more chorizo and fried slices of halloumi.  As I might have said before I'm firmly in the camp with those who believe that vegetarian food can only be enhanced by the addition of pork products.  There's still enough other for a butternut breakfast.  I reckon it'll be great adorned with an egg.


  1. As the saying goes,,, there is no harm in looking! I think the lead singer is cute too. I call it eye candy!!

  2. He he I'm 53 soon and still have an 'eye' for a pretty young man, and no, crochet does not take your mind off them! I never voice my attention in the presence of my family though as it would 'gross' them out.
    But then I appreciate (a much better term) all beauty, in men or women, this is not sexual just, well, appreciative!
    Susan x