Saturday, 7 March 2015

Swapping Our Small Space

I'm spreading the cost of our special 2015 holiday to make the outlay bearable About a month ago I forked out for flights.  For the last couple of days I've been hunting down accommodation in Vancouver for the first part of our trip.

At the risk of making Louis sound like Little Lord Faunteroy, he doesn't like roughing it.  Give him a posh pad and he's as happy as a pig in muck.   'Can we stay in a five star hotel one day?' he asked as we were passing one near Fenchurch Street station.  'In your dreams, mate.' I replied.  Watch this space though for what his savvy mum has come up with for a birthday treat.

A brief trawl of suggests that hostel and conventional hotel accommodation can be had in Vancouver for a very reasonable price indeed. A budget double room above a microbrewery and pub would have set us back just £185 for our five night stay.  The YWCA hotel at £268  looked tempting although bathrooms were shared. As a single traveller I'd be perfectly happy with either of these solutions. For a boy who expects a swimming pool as standard that would never do!

I've just mentioned the properties above for comparison purpose as my first and final point of call for booking a holiday getaway was AirBnB again after our lovely experience in the Hove flat.  And I've found a gem, this centrally located studio with views over a marina that, like Klaus the Knaus, uses space ever so cleverly.  See that big cupboard?  Well that's where our bed disappears in the daytime.  The tables and dining chairs fold away to make more room and the coffee table converts into a desk.  There's a separate well equipped kitchen and a bathroom with that all-important tub that's missing from my full-time motorhoming lifestyle. I relish a soak as a special treat.  What's more the complex has a pool, gym, jacuzzi and lounge area with pool table.  It'll keep Master Fussy Pants very happy indeed.  The price?  Just a smidgeon over £300.  When compared with the cheapest hotel with an indoor pool that costs £482 that represents an absolute bargain.


  1. a great deal you got. I hope you have a great time, when are you going?

  2. Excellent deal! What highlights are you planning for Vancouver?