Monday, 2 March 2015

Unblocking Grumpiness

Aargh Monday!  I really didn't want to get up at 6am half an hour in advance of Louis.  Until yesterday I was able to postpone rising to get the van toasty warm for him .  My compact fan heater had a remote control that meant that it could be operated from my bed space where I could remain in the land of Snuggledom .  Alas! It's defunct and just blowing out cold air.   So, we're reliant on the gas central heating which has to be switched on manually until I can get a replacement.    It's not the best start to the working week!

Let's rid myself of this grumpy mindset by seeking some inspirational words.  The Tiny Buddha is a good place to start.  This quote from the Dalai Lama has brought a smile back to my face.

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” 


  1. The Dali Lama is one of the world's gems..

  2. onwards and upwards as they say. Hope it's a good week for you.