Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What's Normal?

Get this!  According to Louis I am not a normal Mum.  He has amassed evidence and this is what he's come up with.

  • I live in a van.  I knew that my mode of living might be right up at the top.  
  • I'm mad.  I've asked him to clarify this and he doesn't mean this in an axe wielding murderer kind of way.  It seems that I'm just kind of kooky.
  • I sing and dance in public for goodness sakes.
  • Then there's the dowsing pendulum, those angel cards and reiki. 'Nuff said.
  • I appreciate rude humour.  Apparently regular bog-standard parents don't have a heightened appreciation of fart, bottom and willy jokes. 
  • Rather than endlessly fretting over my son's misdemeanours, I spend parents' evening rating male teachers according to their hotness. Having checked this out with my female friends this is apparently pretty standard behaviour.  My rankings are super secret.  Even I know that disclosing them in the public domain is a step too far.
  • I have a big phone.  With eyesight deteriorating to mole-like status I've got a super-sized Galaxy Note 3. Yes, I can see the screen again! That seemed to me to be pretty sensible and not off any kilter at all.  But what do I know?
  • I often give him a lift to the school bus in pyjamas.  As these are akin to yoga attire,  grey baggy bottoms and a vest or sweat top I didn't see a problem here.  Apparently there is one.
I've asked Louis if any changes are required.  Maybe as he approaches teenage years I should aspire to be super-normal and less embarrassing.  The good news is  that I need not go down this path.  In spite of my oddities,  I've been pronounced the perfect Mum....for him.    I'm super happy with that!


  1. I would keep checking with him as he gets older, but you sound like a great Mum ….and he a wonderful son!

  2. I'm in your club of parenthood. I do promise not to wear my rainbow jumper to parents's evening and not to show his mates my morris dancing mask...except I've already broken that one. We're not linked up on FB either...I don't want his exploits embarrassing me now do I!

    1. Parent's evening - a minefield when it comes to good behaviour! xx

  3. But think back to the moms you remember fondly from your own childhood-they were the ones who were their own people, and did stuff! Of course we don't want to send our kids cringing under a desk, but I think they will be better off seeing creative sides, sportsy sides, silly sides, and not just standard operating moms.