Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Cockroach Speaks

According to Pixabay this is a cockroach.  I have to say that I'm rather taken with him although have my doubts that he's the real thing. Surely it's not a real creepy crawly but the result of some bizarre holiday club craft project using leaves?

I've been in two minds about speaking out about Katie Hopkins for a long time on the grounds that 'all publicity is good publicity' even if it is from a tiny blog.  But now the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein has spoken up,  I feel that I should add my voice. After all hasn't history shown that remaining silent in the face of unacceptable pourings of hatred been very dangerous indeed?

Katie Hopkins would probably dislike me intensely. Hell, as a pinko leftie van dweller I'd probably be given cockroach status alongside those poor refugees who she obviously views as worthless.  I also waste taxpayers' money by working with people with dementia to help them explore why their lives are still valuable rather than coshing them with a big stick as soon as they are diagnosed.

Firstly I'd like to express my utter disgust at those media companies who is paying her to spread poison.  All that press coverage, those TV and radio appearances are outrageous.  What has the world come to when this is viewed as entertainment?  Secondly spare a thought for her three  young children.   Katie Hopkins fears for them so much that she has had a panic button installed in her Exeter home.  Now that may be routine in some parts of the world but it's  certainly not normal for Devon.  My son is safe and happy. There's no need for over the top security because of the venom that his mother is spouting . He's taught what matters, how to be kind and that he is loved.  I fear the messages that these kids are getting and the effect that it will have on their later life.  No doubt they wouldn't be allowed to play with Louis but can't his mother see that her own behaviour represents a bigger threat to their welfare  than playing with ' a poor kid'?


  1. I have never heard of this person but then I do not read newspapers or watch TV but I understood there are lkaws against this sort of inflamatary speech. What a truly disgusting person she is, poor offspring.

  2. I have only just encountered this woman in the last few weeks. What a sad, ignorant woman she appears to be. I understand that she recently said if Ed Miliband became PM she would leave the country. This surely must have boosted the Labour Party's share of the votes!!!! But she wouldn't leave in a rickety old boat, risking her life. She has NO IDEA what it is like for millions of people around the world. I do not think she should be given air-time on TV - her comments are as inflammatory as those of other extremists who have been banned. I don't suppose she has 'He ain't heavy, he's my brother' on HER playlist either.

  3. Sad but true that we actually had a Congresswoman and presidential candidate that spewed what can only be called hate. She used to threaten all the time to leave if this or that happened, but we still have her. Thankfully she didn't run in last election but she may appear again in presedential races.

  4. I suspect that KH loves the attention - and the subsequent monies she rakes in from responding to people on shows or in media articles. I find her a despicable creature and think we should collectively ignore her. It is possible that she will disappear from the media. I too feel rather sorry for her children - we can't pick our relatives after all! Love your blog btw.