Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Concerted Effort

In this day and age of modern gadgetry it is all too easy for our kids to have their nose to electronic devices for way too much of their time.  After all they're brilliant toys and educational resources that can be adapted for a myriad of uses.  No wonder they're hooked.  I'll admit too, that it can be bliss for a parent to have a child that's completed engaged in an online game or movie.  It makes it much easier to get on with your own stuff.

There is more to life though than staring at a addictive, virtual world.  Balance must be restored. I'm sick of telling Louis off for tablet use at inappropriate times and places and putting bans of varying lengths in place.   A more positive, upbeat approach is needed.

So I'm making an extra special effort to do something daily with my son that doesn't involve screens.  It might be based indoors, like the badge making activity the other day.  On one evening last week we pored through guidebooks to plan what we'll do in Seattle and Vancouver in the Summer.  A Duck Tour is on the top of Lou's wishlist.  Mostly though we're out and above.  Who wouldn't be with Dartmoor on the doorstep?  We had a Nerf Gun battle around a tour one evening.  I don't think I've laughed so much in ages.  Last night we thought we'd check out the wildlife at Haytor Quarry.  It's a favourite haunt and now it's warm enough for the newts to come and play too. We named each of the ones we caught.  There was Isaac Newton (of course), Newt Gingrich, Olivia Newton-John and Florence Newtingale.  There were even one called Bob!