Sunday, 26 April 2015

An '80's Reward

Louis and Sugar Plumb's kid, Isaac,  tested out his tent last night.  We think that it was alright.
There's been no sight nor sound of them yet so they must be cosy.  Sugar Plumb and I drank a little bit too much Prosecco which must be the reason why we've got muzzy heads this morning.  Nothing that mainlining tea for the next hour or so won't sort out.

Late at night, fuelled by bubbly,  we got to reminiscing about our '80s youths, a time when women were girlie and the men on Top of the Pops that we 'loved' mostly wore more eyeliner than I did.   And that was saying something.  The stuff  dripped down my cheek.

Julian Cope from Teardrop Explodes was an exception though.  No excessive face paint for him. Here's the band's anthem.  The motorhome rocked to this at midnight!


  1. This was the first ever track I taped off the Top 40 on Radio one! He's a big name in the world of megaliths these days. I've got a book signed by him that I found in a charity shop!