Tuesday, 21 April 2015

And So The Plan Is.......

Right!  I said that I'd come up with a definitive plan about our living arrangements  so yertiz as they say in these parts. Or , let me point out that it's as definitive as it can be in a world where things can change in a split second for better or worse.  It is good to remember that things are not set in stone.

As many of you might have gathered Louis and I will continue to live in the motorhome over the summer. Life is good here and, with warmer weather, it is likely to get even better for a couple of peeps who love the outdoor life.  I bought Louis a lovely red pop up tent for his birthday and already there is a little line of small boys and a girl or two who want to sleepover and burn themselves on the barbie or fondue set.  If we fancy a weekend at the beach, well we just move our house.  It saves all the palaver of all that packing.

If I were on my own this life would continue ad infinitum, well for a fair while anyway until I actually did get fed up or the van fell apart.  But with a growing lad in tow half the time I have to be mindful of another human being.   I'm not sure how enamoured Louis will be about living long term in a very small space with an embarrassing mum.  He's enjoying it now but  I want his memories of this spell of our life to remain warm and fuzzy.  I don't want to extend our stay until he's well and truly fed up.

And so we will move into our spacious  Brixham home in the autumn.  Unless that is, my tenants decide to move out sooner.  We'll then head off to our new seaside bound life earlier.  For I've learnt from past experience that it is wise to factor a little bit of fate into the equation.


  1. You are wise to have thought through these things, and decided to end this phase on a happy note!

  2. Both of your homes are fabulous, and the good thing is that when you move into the bricks and mortar one, you get to keep the one on wheels for adventuring in!