Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Boots Back On!

My walking activities have been curtailed in recent years by the arrival of a small child, pain from a Morton's Neuroma that has been successfully managed with a custom made shoe insert and then that darned knee with a bit of bother from my ankle thrown in.  But finally it seems that I'm on the mend so Salty Dog and I decided to head down to Cornwall this weekend and see where the path by the sea took us.   We were blessed with some beautiful weather.  Here's the view on day three on our jaunt from Mevagissey to Gorran Haven.  We tackled it in both directions and this together with a jaunt inland to find a hostelry at Gorran this meant that we covered a very acceptable distance indeed for two out of condition laydeees.
As someone who's done a fair bit of long distance hiking in the past I feel that I can talk with a bit of authority when I say that the South West Coast Path is some of toughest terrain that I've hiked. What it lacks in altitude it makes up for in rises and falls in elevation. There you are all pleased with yourself after climbing a bloody great steep bit and whoosh! The next thing you're negotiating an equally tricky decline on your arse back to sea level.   It's not good trying to take 'short cuts' across rocky beaches either like we did on Saturday.  That boulder strewn stretch looked easy terrain from above but was slippery with massive stones and took ages to traverse.   At least when we finally got to Charlestown there was a pub to catch our breath in as well as tall ships to admire.

If you fancy following in our footsteps and taking in a bit of the longest trail in Britain, a good start is visiting the website of the South West Coast Path Association and a good public transport timetables for the area you're in.  Don't do as we did and wait at the wrong top though.  We watched as our bus sailed past. It's lucky that we'd made friends in the beer garden who took pity and gave us a lift back to the campsite!

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