Monday, 13 April 2015

Bye Bye Mr Metrosexual

It's the end of an era. My lovely friend Mr. Metrosexual who's sat next to me at work for the last four years retired on Friday.  Hence yesterday's manic sausage roll making.   They all got eaten at his leaving do at a Brixham pub today.   'How are you going to survive without your boyfriend?' the girls who work on hospital reception have asked.  They see us going out together most lunchtimes to sample the delights of Totnes together. 'Do you know there's rumours about you two'. said one of the receptionists.  'Mr Metrosexual will be dead chuffed about that.' I replied.

This was his leaving present from all his colleagues, a fabulous raku hare made by Paul Jenkins, sold in the Ninety Three gallery at the top of town in the historic Narrows.  We went out to choose it together the other day. After all you don't want to surprise someone with something that they're not going to like.

Mr Metrosexual counts as one of my closest friends.   We share the same sense of humour and love a bit of juicy gossip.  Will it be so hard for me to manage with our daily banter?  I don't really think so. There's  geographical distance between many of the friends I've made along the way yet we remain close.  Sure Mr Metrosexual's departure will leaves a gap in my everyday life but past experience suggests that there's almost a certain guarantee that it will be filled.

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