Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Crafting in the Motorhome: Badge Making

Red Mel bought me this Indie Rock Button Factory by the Yellow Bird Project  for my birthday  It's one of a number of bits of merchandise that raises money for a charity based in Montreal that's supported by indie bands so it's credentials are dead cool.  What this kit contains is the gubbins to make what we Brits call badges twenty five of them. Buttons are  something different.  We have to sew, rather than pin those on our clothes.

One evening last week I banned Louis from any more screen time. His nose had been glued to his mobile phone for way too long. So I suggested that we made those funky badges.  He agreed and we got a bit of a production line thing going on.  The kit contains a piece of retro cloth covered in music themed designs. After he'd used the template on the back of the instruction book to identify which parts of he'd like to use I cut them out and he used the simple two piece press to make up our finished pins. There are twenty five of them altogether.  We made them all in about an hour.

And so what to do with them?  Louis wanted to put them all over his school bag.  But they were my present so my badges.  Actually I wouldn't have minded giving some to him except for the fact that I know they'll get lost PDQ.  So I've held my ground and insisted on sticking them on one of our cushions for us both to enjoy as a reminder of an evening of great mum-son crafting.


  1. They look great on that cushion!

    1. Thanks - ones fallen off already after Louis has fiddled with it! At least confined to the motorhome it will turn up eventually! x