Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Escape from Death Row

My blog represents the quirky mix of stuff that passes through my brain.   Goodness knows what I'll pull out from day to day.  One moment there's a smattering of naughty humour, soon after there will be a piece art or craft that's taken my fancy  and then you may be subjected to a bit of navel gazing.  Sometimes I use my little home in the virtual world to speak out about something important, just in case a small female voice from the rural reaches of the UK somehow makes a  difference to the US justice system.  There's a slim chance but you never know.......

Yesterday morning the story on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme sharing the news that Anthony Ray Hinton had been exonerated from a double murder that he didn't commit.  This interview with this strong, dignified man who was freed from Death Row after thirty years of wrongful imprisonment brought tears to my eyes as I was driving.  I'd hoped to share the seven minute audio clip at the top of this page but somehow it didn't pan out so you can follow the link here instead.  Instead I've found this longer video from  It also features Bryan Stevenson, the lawyer who fought for Mr Hinton's release.  I wrote about him just over a month ago after he appeared on Desert Island Discs. There's a happy ending to this tale but how many more people will die needlessly because they've been given a rough deal by a legal system that's skewed against those who cannot afford to put up an adequate defence?  I pray that the same thing doesn't happen in Britain but with so many cuts in spending I'm not so sure that we won't go down the same route if we haven't already.

And still I talk to my son and suggest that when he grows up he might not just use his intelligence to line his own pocket but to think of how it might benefit those in desperate needs.  I'm going to keep going with this.  It looks like it might be sinking in. Hopefully my pleas won't fall on deaf ears. Only time will tell.

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  1. I heard him interviewed on Radio 4 and was struck by his manner, there was no bitterness at all. I admire him greatly and hope that his freedom will be enjoyed to the full.