Saturday, 11 April 2015

Lyrics to Live With

I like the current trend for using old fashioned typeset.  Take that lovely 'Light Living' print by Lesley & Pea that I showcased a while back.  It never made it into my motorhome as lack of wall space wouldn't have done it justice.  Perhaps its minimalist message will be pertinent when we move back into a 'proper' house later in the year.

It wasn't surprising then when this caught my eye on one of those banner ads that pop up when you're on the Internet.  I find them a bit spooky. It's as if some celestial ad-man can read your inner thoughts.  Over and Over on will take your chosen song lyrics and display them in poster form.  I love it - except  there's no room here at the moment to tempt me to make a purchase.

But it got me thinking.  What would the words be that were up on my wall for all to see.  What would yours be?  Many of the songs I like are too morose.  Take what is probably my all time favourites 'Forbidden Colours' by Riuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian.  It starts like this

The wounds on your hand never seem to heal
I thought all I needed was to believe
Here am I, a lifetime away from you
The blood of Christ or the beat of my heart
My love wears forbidden colours
My life believes
Senseless years thunder by
Millions are willing to give their lives for you.
Does nothing live on?

Poignant and beautiful yes, but blimey!  Not words to gaze at after a return home from a particularly hard day working in a mental health team.

So what to choose?  A Kind of Magic by Queen was a close contender, a happy living room vibe going on here.   On a domestic theme  I love 'Home' by Simply Red and I'll Find My Way Home by Jon and Vangelis.  But they narrowly missed out.  Instead I'll plump for this one that conveys a sense of peace.  In my seaside home I'd display the words in the bedroom in the hope that on hot summer nights they'd spur me on to sneak out and swim in the cove across the street.

Nightswimming deserves a quiet night

The photograph on the dashboard taken years ago,
turned around backwards so the windshield shows.
Every street light reveals a picture in reverse
Still it's so much clearer

I forgot my shirt at the water's edge
The moon is low tonight


  1. One of my favourite REM songs - it usually brings a tear to my eye. I might have Genesis's "Follow Me Follow You" which is "our"'s quite jolly too.

  2. Or maybe something by Elbow. I'll need to think harder!!!

  3. Love Night Swimming! I can't imagine how many Journey songs might be typed-I'll pass as all too generic for any person through all the over use for three decades.

  4. We have one of those pictures. It was one of J's gifts a couple of Christmases ago, and is Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark. Not profound, but it brings back wonderful memories of one of our best days ever - Roundhay Park, Leeds, July 1985 - singing along with around 100,000 other people as Bruce and the E Street Band rocked the stage.

    1. What a lovely present to evoke a brilliant memory. Now it got me thinking about having Leonard Cohen's 'Dance Me to the End of Love' in the living room as a souvenir of his 02 concert in 2009.

      Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
      Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in
      Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
      Dance me to the end of love

      Yep that would work! xx