Friday, 10 April 2015


These are turnstones that I spotted in Mevagissey last week.  Some of their relatives live on my beloved Sarfend pier.  Along with long tailed tits and budgies they count among my favourite birds. They have a winter and summer coat to ring the changes. Rather like me under normal circumstances.  However, living in the motorhome my small collection of outerwear has to suffice.

I liked the fact that these little creatures had parked themselves on double yellow lines.  Try to ticket them Mr Parking Warden!  It's a bit random but I thought my snap might serve to illustrate inconsistencies in traffic law.  Take those double yellow lines.  I thought that they were meant to be painted in places where parking would cause a nuisance or a breach to safety.  Yet a lot of the time they seem to be one of the tools of a money making plan for councils.  Are we barred from many perfectly good parking spots in an attempt to force us into paying parking places?  It doesn't work for me if I can possibly help it. I'll seek out an unrestricted zone even if it does mean a walk.  After all I like a little stroll.

What's even more of a mystery is how speed limits are imposed.   Take for example, my drive back from Cornwall last week, when I passed through three villages called West Taphouse, Middle Taphouse and East Taphouse.  Each had pavements and houses yet one I could, in theory, bomb through at the National Speed Limit, another I had to slow down to forty or fifty mph and the final one I was sensibly restricted to 30mph.  Madness, or maybe I'm missing something.  There does seem no rhyme nor reason.  Sometimes I'll be crawling through an area, my speed restricted for seemingly no good reason.  At other times it's full speed ahead in areas where there really should be a bit more guidance.  A further worrying example  illustrates this point.

A few years back I was alarmed because  after driving along a busy two way country lane in the Teignbridge council area. There's a  school tucked away in a sleepy hollow just off it that sits just outside the village it serves.  Parents park on the main road to pick their kids up.  In fact there are marked parking places for them to do so.  Am I right to find the speed limit of 60mph alarming or am I over-reacting?  I don't think so.

In an act of responsible citizenship I wrote to the council pointing out my concerns for life and limb. They came back and said that they did not feel that that there needed to be changed as traffic slowed down to 30mph during school picking up and dropping off times.  Does it ever!  I know the problem has been highlighted since because Louis went subsequently went to that primary school.  Once a dad took it on himself to cut the overgrown hedgerow that meant that people had to walk in the road rather than on the pavement.  For reasons only known to themselves, the council hasn't budged and, thank goodness, there hasn't been a serious accident.     I hope to goodness that I'm never in a position to say 'I told you so'.

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