Monday, 20 April 2015

Knobbly Bobbly!

Now I'm a big fan of those vintage crochet blankies.  I have two, this one and this one.  They're in storage at the moment ready for me to enjoy when I grow up and stop messing about  in my Wendy House on wheels.  When I move into my bricks and mortar home I'll then drape them artily over my living room seating again to give that  retro homely feel that I like.  Living in the motorhome I just have to make do with my poncho which has a similar patchwork theme going on.  It's great to snuggle under at festivals or the beach.  I'd be mightily pee-ed off if I turned my back and someone cut up any of my woolly treasures to make the latest must-have garment for the man who wants to get in touch with his inner hippie.

But that's exactly what Lord Von Schmitt is doing.  Beautiful old blankets lovingly knitted by grannies are being 'upcycled' and sold on Etsy.  Here, I've chosen a selection for your viewing pleasure. Now there was me thinking that down, fleece or Gore-tex might be appropriate attire for a walk in the snow.  Silly me! Of course, encasing those jubblies in a open knit garment is going to suffice.  I'm not sure how quickly that this will catch on in Devon though.

I think this gravity defying pair  are the ones that made me giggle the most.  It's the colour and the knobbliness of the knit that's cliched it.   How is something so bulky staying up on such a skinny guy? I'd hate to think what would happen if they got wet.

Just in case any blokes out there have a hankering for that scratchy woollen feeling around their parts  I've included this link to some fabulous '40s style trunks.  Just make sure that the little woman in your life who's going to make them for you heeds that advice about tight tension.  Now we wouldn't want you to suffer from saggy bottom syndrome would we?


  1. there were actually patterns for 'male' shorts in the sixties so no cutting up of precious blankies. However I never saw any male wearing the garments apart from the models on the patterns. amazing what you will do to pay the rent!

  2. I have the patterns for some of these shorts, so they haven't been cut up.
    The bottom pair look like 'crocodile stitch' so wouldn't have been around in the 60's. If you think about it, it's not really possible to cut up crochet work without it unravelling. The seams would be unbelievably thick if you did.

  3. No no no no on all levels. Showed them to my OH and he said "defiantly not, DON'T even think about it"

  4. Having had a crocheted bikini when I was a child in the 1970s these are definitely being banned from Gnat Bottomed Towers!

  5. These have been doing the rounds on Facebook for a couple of weeks.As the proud owner of several crochet bikinis I love them. x