Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Not Really Silly String

Every so often I come across a piece of art that gives me goosebumps.  I never know when it's going to happen. It might be when I pass a gallery, stumble upon something online or visit someone's home. This time I was flicking through the free 'Plymouth Magazine'.  Salty Dog had picked one up and left it in the motorhome.  Bah!  It told me that I had missed the exhibition of the work of the cityscape artist Edward Waite and showed this example which I covet very badly indeed.  It depicts the top of Smeaton's Tower, a  familar landmark in Plymouth that was originally the lighthouse that stood to ward ships away from the Eddystone Rock.   I love the use of colour and the silly string-like texture of the work.  Sometimes art is better when its made that transition from 2D to 3D.

I went off in search, on the artist's website, for more squiggly familiarity and found some.  He's a well travelled guy and depicts his own take on urban landscapes from around the globe.  This was somewhere I've visited many times.  Once, in my late adolescence, I ended up to Trafalgar Square, on New Year's Eve with a group of friends where we went with tradition, jumped in  fountains and kissed policemen.  It's a bit of a change from December 31 2014 when midnight found me tucked up in bed bringing in the New Year in the Land of Nod.

We were back at Nelson's Column on the day of my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  There's a security guard who has the almost impossible task, being unarmed, of keeping the kids off the four lions at its base.  I took a photo of Louis earlier in the month on our birthday trip sitting between two of those enormous bronze paws. Even though the big cats seem to be missing, this lovely artwork brought back memories of a great day out.

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