Thursday, 2 April 2015

Patting a Pelican

I'm not sure if this is an act of extreme bravery or utmost stupidity but here's a shot of Louis getting way closer to a bird with a big beak than I'd dare. It was taken in St James'Park in London yesterday and I only agreed to let him do it after a fair few other tourists had done the same thing and hadn't had their arms bitten off. Apparently pelicans have very soft heads!  It's not something he'll be repeating with the grizzlies later in the year in Yellowstone that's for sure.

Yesterday I had a perfect birthday.  Lots to share but it will have to wait for another time. We're off out early. I've been given a mission that just has to be accepted!


  1. Congratulations and happy birthday, glad to hear you had a perfect day, long may it continue!

  2. St James' park! I used to work near there - lived having lunch in the park in summer.
    I never stroked a pelican though (silly me).