Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wanted: One Magic Carpet

For the last few weeks, yes weeks, I've been sleeping really well.  This is unheard of.  What's more I'm not resorting to any strange rituals or techniques.  I just sink into the pillows and drift off to the wonderful Land of Nod.  I'd like to recount fantastical dreams involving magic carpet journeys to strange lands with an attentive handsome prince but it's rare that I remember any of them, even those where the subject matter is more mundane. What I do know is that life in the real world is very happy indeed.  I'm not fatigued and seem to have plenty of time on my hands for all the things I need or want to do.  I'm studying, being creative, volunteering with the Scouts, planning wonderful holidays and doing quality stuff with my friends and child without thinking about how I'm going to fit everything in.  It just fits!  What's more it seems Louis' pretty pleased with the situation.  He turned to me the other day and said that he wished that he could be twelve forever as he's having such a good time.  That melted my heart.

The reason for this sense of freedom is all too clear.  There's been a rare lull in my workload and I don't come back home with a head fretting about the stuff that I haven't done.  Mainly I clear my desk or, if I haven't, I know that the stuff is pretty unimportant and I'll do it the next day.  It would be lovely if I could make a resolution and say that now I'd reached this state of affairs I could maintain it by my own efforts.  But I can't.  Too much of what I do is outside my control.  In mental health crises happen.  So I need a good think.  Do I continue to work in the public sector until retirement age with all the perks that provides and accept the times of stress or do I create a working life where I am more in control and probably healthier physically and mentally? I think that I know the answer.  It may take me a while to dream up with the details. Maybe that magic carpet will come along and  take me on a journey to show what's possible!


  1. I loved reading your post and am so pleased that life is treating you well.
    Good for you

  2. I am certain that you will just know what to do and when to do it. Good luck to you.