Monday, 4 May 2015

A Kiss for All Three of You

Someone must have heard my previous cries of indecisiveness around who gets my political allegiance.  Labour? Greens? Which shall it be?  What party gets my ballot paper kiss?   As the picture of slimy beasties might suggest I can't say I'm head over heels in love with any particular brand of British politician.  Yet I see voting as a duty so off I trotted to Brixham to my official 'residence' the home of my friends Mr Metrosexual, Ruff Stu and ASBO their super-friendly dog with the tattoo and court order for being about 0.01% pit bull terrier. There, as well as drinking beer in a few characterful pubs and eating fish and chips, I picked up my postal ballot papers

Lo and behold! I was greeted with a great swathe of them,  not only for the National Parliamentary Bun Fight but also for the unitary authority, mayoral and town elections.  For some of the votes I even had to choose multiple candidates and so both the Labour and Green parties got Xs.  There I didn't have to choose after all.  I even went way more down and dirty and threw in some for Independent candidates as well.  Now I wondered how I could make that picture of a snail threesome even more relevant!

Since the 2010 election I've voted according to my own values and beliefs rather than engaging in tactics.  It's an individual decision and not one I wish to foist on others.  In fact I'll help you along the way if you want to do this.  Just go to 'Swap my Vote' and there you can team up with someone in another constituency and exchange votes with them.  Let's hope that by doing this you'll both bet on winners.

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  1. We have lots of choice too, with general, local and town council seats being up for grabs. We're in a very safe seat but with the decision about fracking about to happen it will be interesting to see how many folk have voted on this single issue.