Saturday, 30 May 2015

Airing My Clean Linen.

I'm writing this as I drink my first cuppa of the morning.  Bliss!  But don't think that I've been sitting on my backside since I slid down from my very comfy sleeping platform in the sky.  Oh no!  Some of us have work to do.  In my effort to eliminate those post holiday chores that I used to hate when I lived in a proper house I've already been to the laundrette and two washloads are in the midst of their soapy cycles.  As we leave the camp today,  I'll use the driers so everything can go back in the wardrobe before we pull away.  We don't want piles of wet washing sliding around in the back of the motorhome now do we?

At the UK campsite I currently call home I've been drying  my washing on the communal lines in an eco-friendly penny saving drive.  It's a lovely safe place to be where there's no fear of crime. Nothing (touch wood) gets nicked.  But it occurred to me the other day as I was pegging everything out that I would be very sad indeed if my clothes got stolen.  Okay I'd be peeved if say, more covetable electronic goods were taken.  But they are easily replaced.  What I wear is chosen because I love it and how I dress augments my personality.  Some stuff has been made by my mum and other garments have been bought new over time.  Some came to live with me long ago.   All those pretty dresses and skirts hold so many memories and are damn near irreplaceable.  There's not a pair of trews in sight aside from black leggings and the yoga pants I sleep and exercise in. After 600 miles of walking the Appalachian trail in trousers I still remember how great it felt to wear a skirt again after ten weeks.  I ditched my final pairs as the hair got shorter.  There must be other hikers who eschew walking in trousers but I don't come across many.

I thought that I'd show off my latest buy today that's spinning in the  machine as we speak.  It's destined to become a favourite for years to come.  Pickings from charity shops haven't been particularly rich lately so I turned to Asda for this beauty from the London Chic range. It's still available if you hurry.  This vintage inspired dress has been made from a gorgeous stretchy crepe fabric with a Bardot neckline. Now that Brigitte could dress!  What makes this even better is this is a supermarket offering  was designed and made in the UK.  Okay it may be a little more expensive than the stuff at Primarni, but in my book £22 for something home grown and this well made is a bargain.


  1. I know just what you mean. I really hate clothes shopping becasue 1) the fit is hard to find on me, and 2) most clothes have very little style and personality, so when I find things I like, I want to hold on to them for years (decades in some cases). That dress is so cute, and good for summer with some strappy flats, and into fall/winter tights, boots, and a sweater over the top.

  2. I like that dress very much though I am definitely a trouser girl, all those motorbikes in my past I think.