Sunday, 10 May 2015

All 50!!!

Because we have a 'Friends and Family' railcard it's cheaper to make train journeys with Louis than alone.  There's no equivalent for us singletons although there's now one for two named people that often travel together that are under 65 to save a third off UK  fares.  Best for me to have the boy in tow then!

Remember back in April when we scurried around London spotting the Shaun the Sheep statues that are raising money for sick children?  Well yesterday we got the unfeasibly early 6:20 train from Newton Abbot and were in London by 9:30.  That meant a quick hike to the Regent's Canal Basin.  We knew where that was because we'd been there to spot Paddington statues in December. We were at our first Shaun of the Day, a sheep disguised as Paddington(!), before 10am.  That meant that we earned an extra 'early bird' trophy on our  Shaun in the City app.

After bagging the first of our remaining twelve London 'Shauns' the rest were easy.  A quick hop on the Tube to Barbican where the last eleven were in walking distance of each other.  Most were in the vicinity of St Paul's Cathedral.  I think this one 'A Capital View' was my favourite of the day.


Lou liked this one, 'The Guardian' by Vivi Cuevas.

Yes!!!!!!!  By 11am we completed all the trails.  It's been a good exercise in giving Louis some map reading practice and all credit to him.  We didn't get lost once.  That might not have been the case if I'd have been the navigator.    It was fitting that this one,  'Sheep Shape and Bristol Fashion'  was our last in London.  It's sponsored by 'Visit Bristol and we'll be going there to spot the remaining seventy Shauns when they arrive in July.


  1. On a totally different subject, whatever happened to your 'Sizzling Minerals'?

    1. Hi Cro. Feel really perky at the moment but can't say it's down to rotted down dinosaur poo although another friend swears by it. More likely to be because of a lack of stress and getting some quality sleep! Still have a tube of lemon-lime left that I'd forgotten about. Will start to taking again tomorrow to see if they supercharge me!

  2. Well done, The Shauns look amazing

  3. Fantastic pictures, what a fun trip :)