Thursday, 7 May 2015

An Impromptu Dolphin

Now I'm not going to win 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' with this one.  No, it's not Nessie.  I didn't drive as far as Scotland yesterday.  It just felt it. My day was a whirlwind of hectivity.   Blimey!  I thought that I'd made that word up but it actually exists.

I paused for breath on my second visit to Plymouth of a day. Miraculously in a schedule that looked like it needed forty eight hours to complete I'd arrived early for a meeting. So I sought Salty Dog out in her office base with a sea view to die for. After she'd made me a coffee she spotted the dolphin playing outside.  Now I've seen these guys at sea in the bow wave of her boat, and on course in a dolphinarium begging for fish. But in all my years I've never been lucky enough to see one from the shore.  Yesterday was good, productive, exciting, enjoyable in lots of ways.   These few minutes though made it very special indeed.


  1. I can see it! They're a regular sight when we're on our early morning beach walk in Goa but I still scream like a banshee when i spot one. x

  2. Excellent! I remember being on ferry between Morocco and Gibraltar and a school of porpoises swam alongside, that was pretty thrilling.