Friday, 29 May 2015

Angels: Not!

Like any regular kid Louis can be a pain in the arse at times.   Other people, particularly those across the pond, may be deceived by those big  blue eyes and perfectly formed cherubic lips but I am his mother and know him better. Don't be fooled by that perfect veneer of innocence! Having said that I'm okay with a bit of naughtiness.  I am totally perplexed by the few children that I meet that seem to be good all the time.  There's got to be something wrong there!

Yesterday was one of those days that   I seemed to have far too many conversations that involved using words like 'respect', 'consideration', 'politeness' and suchlike.  Mostly they seemed to be falling on deaf ears.  Just in time I got wind of a plot to feed two pence pieces into a vending machine that took a much higher denomination in Euros  so 'theft', 'illegal' and 'deceitful' were added to my repertoire of tellings off. In painting a picture of the evil and wanton destruction that occurs if children are left to their own devices in the 'Lord of the Flies', I don't think Golding was being too far fetched.  Angels they are not.

Louis and his mates did however give the impression of turning into spectral beings a couple of days ago on a visit to La Roche Jagu, again a journey undertaken in a packed VW Golf.   This chateau, set in beautiful grounds on a river bend in the middle of nowhere, is stunning.  Decaying pile it is not.  This is an impressively preserved corner of France with an interesting programme of events including concerts and apparently a fabulous exhibition of papercutting in 2014 that I missed.  Bah!. The proceeds of all these activities  must contribute to its excellent upkeep. Currently there's an interesting exhibition about the use of plants for healing.  And after a long, long climb up a winding stone staircase we came across  an art installation by the digital artist, Miguel Chevalier called 'Paradis Artificiels'.

The installation was a simple enough concept,  Beautiful images of nature projected onto a silky fibre-optic curtain hanging from ancient beams in the roof of the chateau.  We had trouble tearing the kids away.  They enjoyed walking through, wrapping themselves up and jumping out of those silky threads.  In doing so they changed the nature of the piece. This interactiveness makes it one of the most memorable pieces of art that I've seen for rather a long time.


  1. I am still hollering on occasion and mine is 17 tomorrow. I believe the adage "Ask a teenager whilst they still know everything" can be applied in this household from time to time. No doubt I was the same at his age...thankfully we get on pretty well most of the time.

  2. My 14 year old, while having selective hearing, has been pretty mild and probably seems like the angel you describe. With certain friends though, this shy quiet kid, won't shut up in class.

  3. My first two were relatively calm and studious (1m 1f). My youngest (m) takes after me and was a bit of a wild boy... and he still is. Luckily they are all gainfully employed (or self-employed) and can now fund their own eccentricities. None has been arrested, none has a nasty addiction, and none has caused us too much angst..... miracle.