Saturday, 9 May 2015

Avocado Angst

My regular readers will not be surprised to hear that I woke up to news that upset me yesterday morning. We'll pass over election talk quickly. It's too depressing.  Another completely different report didn't make great reading either.

I'm thinking that lunchtime carbohydrates make me dozy.  Really dozy. I have a nap in my office chair which I get away with because I'm known as eccentric. But its not really ideal to be snoring in the workplace.  So I'm trying to choose food that keeps me perky. And deliciously creamy avocados were ideal.  That was before I read in the Independent that because it takes 318 litres of water  to produce them, parts of the Americas are at risk of water shortage.  Even worse is the fact that, in Mexico, the groves are often  owned by cartels for whom murder and extortion is a way of life.

It all goes to show how complex modern life is. You think that you're making a sound decision for one reason and find out there's an adverse impact that you hadn't even thought of!


  1. I knew about almonds and the amount of water needed but new news to me on avacado front. The cartel thing makes me so sick.

  2. What?! I love avocados and almonds, it's as bad as eating meat really then! Bugger. So what do I do, stop eating them and the harvesters, sorters, exporters etcetera lose their livings?