Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Could I Have..........?

Ibiza Queen Vikki and I have been booked into a Travelodge for our trip away.  Okay it's perfectly adequate but extraordinarily soulless.   I'm pretty glad that I don't have to go away on business and stay in one of these rooms very often.  It would not be good for my sense of bonhomie particularly if I was travelling alone.  My van is way more cosy and comfy.

After finding this sign on my desk we were very tempted to 'just pop to reception' and request a bath, some of those dinky toiletries, a door for the wardrobe and a fridge with some fresh milk so we could have a decent cuppa. Oh, and a Kirby trouser press.  Aren't all hotel rooms supposed to have one of those????!


  1. Ah the door less wardrobe -a triumph of efficiency over niceness ( makes it harder to forget stuff

  2. You'll be asking for a bed next.... the cheek of it!