Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hallucinating Jesus

Yesterday we ventured away from the campsite further than Shank's pony or our bikes could carry out without Louis grumbling more than I'd be able to stand.  Adrian, my knight in shining armour who ferried us to hospital when Lou hurt his knee last year, his wife, Joy, and their two kids are now our firm friends.  Six of us squeezed in their VW Golf and we headed off to the Radome at Pleumeur-Bodou, a huge ball of silk which held the receiver for the first Trans-Atlantic television pictures that were transmitted by Telstar.

But I not going to write about that as my post yesterday had a space theme and I like my blog to be eclectic. Those in the social media know  tell me it's why I haven't got squillions of followers.  Bollocks to that!  Let's keep it to a select few.

So today I'm going to show you something brilliantly random from another exhibit on the site.  The Centre of Telecoms has a wonderfully interactive permanent exhibition of optical illusions.  Adults and children alike had so much fun.  This one was  our favourite.  It caused Joy to startle impressively.  If you stare at the four dots at the centre of this image for thirty seconds and then close your eyes you will see a miraculous vision.  No hard drugs or hocus-pocus were involved!


  1. I have seen that optical illusion before… is most impressive ! I have also remembered the little bay with the rocks ,posted on Monday . Is it very close to the campsite ?

  2. Am I now cured? Of everything?

  3. How does anyone know what Jesus looked like, is what I would like to know?

    1. Ah good question Toffeeapple! All I know is that Joy and I both thought that we'd had a beatific moment. Louis won't look. He's scared!!! x