Sunday, 24 May 2015


We are amongst friends.  Within five minutes of arriving at our Breton campsite the gang of kids that Louis met last year had turned up around the van.  Let me say that it's mighty tricky putting up an awning and setting up tables and chairs with a full - blown water fight going on in the immediate vicinity. A return  here in 2016 has already been agreed. After all, as one of the grown ups said, if you have a winning formula why change it?

The French contigent of my chums, all couples,  are disappointed that I do not have a man in tow yet.  They are on a mission to see me remarried, number two on my own bucket list after a trip to Easter Island!  But I'm in no rush. For pretty much all that I personally know about relationships is that it is better to be lonely alone rather than in a couple.

The Frenchies think that they have a solution to hurry things up. Apparently I would be absolutely ideal for their friend Jean.  He is 40(!) and, 'ow do you say, ah yes!, works in a forest.   Apparently he has been too busy chopping down trees to look for the love of a good  English woman. No matter that he spends all his days wielding a chainsaw.  He is kind, fit, dead manly. and won 't mind that I'm ten years older.  Even though there was alcohol in the equation I'm sure they were all right when they reassured me that I could easily pass for a much younger bird. Sorted then! It seems that we  have a plan.

In the cold light of morning I'm giggling at the outrageousness.  I'm not going to be running off to my log cabin in a French forest  to live happily ever after anytime soon.    It's a pleasing thought though. How would my chums have known that I've been harbouring those woodcutter fantasies for years!


  1. go on a date! get them to set it up

  2. Plenty of rustic characters around here who are looking for wives.... but would anyone be crazy enough to try to tame them? Methinks not.

  3. The French have left and no date materialised. Phew! Probably for the best. Enough on my plate without having to tame rusticity as well!