Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Moorland Musings

The camera never lies they say.  It bloody does.  This wasn't at all what I saw through the lens when I was photographing Louis high on Dartmoor on Monday evening.  It turned out alright though didn't it?

On summer evenings I head into the National Park three or four times a week, either on my own, with friends or Lou.  I'm overwhelmed by the bleak landscape dotted with fascinating natural and manmade artifacts, mainly of the granite-y kind.   It's nothing like the flatlands of Essex where I spent my childhood. I love the fact that it's all just a hop, skip and a jump away from my doorstep.  Lou's rather partial too.  I heard him telling his Dad in a goodnight phone call how beautiful it is.

In the autumn we'll move to our gorgeous seaside home.  The South Devon coastline is beautiful too but  I wondering if we'll both miss the close proximity of the moor.  Sure it will be a short drive away from home and some of my work patch covers its south western reaches but will that be enough?  I've voiced my concerns to Mr Anonymous from Guyana who thinks we'll be just as happy .  After all he's right when he says that we'll just be swapping one idyll for another.  It's not as if I'm moving to some urban ghetto.  I'm thinking though that the pull of the moor is strong  for us both.  It may lure us back to live there. Perhaps it will be enough to strategically site the motorhome  so that we can sneak back for evenings and weekends of inland respite.  I'm in a bit of a quandary but as dilemmas go it's not too bad.  The choices that await us are all good ones!


  1. Wow! That first photograph is other worldly, almost as if Louis is about to be beamed up somewhere.

    1. Ha! I wish they'd do it at getting up time. The little green men could nag him to get dressed, eat his breakfast and pack his school bag and then pop him back down once he's ready for school. x