Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Move Over Doc Brown

Forget 'Back to the Future'  It's here in the present!  After Louis and I had finished our 'Shaun the Sheep' hunt on Saturday we didn't just chill out for the rest of the day watching the world go by.  We met Mama and Papa Lovelygrey for coffee, then lunch by the banks of the River Thames. I  then introduced the whole family to the annual exhibition which showcases Designs of the Year.  I've attended the last two on my own but decided that my inner geeky fascination for novel gizmos and gadgets was best shared with others.

Let's start off with a simple black box.  It's an router that's designed to bring  web access to those in remote places that lack a communication infra-structure.  That'll be Devon then!

Papa Lovelygrey was rather taken by this beautiful bench which is covered by stained parquet.  He got told off for touching it!

Louis' favourite entry was the 'Monumental Valley' game which he spent rather a long time playing.  Given that there was many other things on show that were designed to make the world a better place, I told him that his choice was shallow.  He and a passer-by laughed their socks off.

Oh okay, I did like the Star Wars themed evening dress myself.
Way more useful than building a world in cyber space!


What's there not to like about vegetables with genitalia?  This carrot with a knob (snigger!) has a serious point.  It's a campaign by the French supermarket chain Intermarche to persuade people to buy misshapen fruit and veg.  Finally we're getting into worthy territory!

You can vote for your favourite exhibit. I eschewed a very snazzy looking bike light, a gadget that you attach to a cow's tail to show it's just about to give birth and indeed the R2-D2 frock for Project Daniel. I'm fascinated by the medical use of 3-D printing and this idea is right up my street.  A lab has been set up and local healthcare staff have been trained to make prosthetic limbs for people in war torn Sudan. An example of design making at its best when it's making a huge difference.


  1. I wonder how that router works.... it sounds miraculous.

    1. It's called the BRCK. Here's the link to the website if you're interested in reading further https://www.brck.com/

    2. Very interesting, thanks.

  2. I would wear that dress.