Friday, 22 May 2015

Moving Day!

Today I have woken up very excited for a number of reasons!  First it is the first day of the rest of my life. Cheesy!  Then, after a nine day absence  I'll get my Louis back this evening.   He'll be home from school about thirty minutes before me. I want him to have his present from my trip  as soon as possible so I've hung it in a prominent place.  Do you think he'll spot it? Finally, we're moving  albeit temporarily!   After a three night trip away in a sparse hotel I was really glad have some time at home.  I want my own bed for a while  The good thing about living in a motorhome is that  nothing stops us upping sticks whilst maintaining that familiar environment.

Tomorrow we'll wake up in  my beloved Brittany, the first of this year's French trips.  There's a week off work with the best of both worlds.  We get to spend time chilling in our own space but in a different location.  How cool is that! A lot of the nonsense that goes with a trip away for people with a regular home is eliminated too.  I unplug the electricity supply,  turn the gas off (important!), stow stuff away for the journey, make sure the main battery is charged and pop the bikes on the back.  We're off  in about twenty minutes.  Here's some of the other advantages.

  • There's no packing....
  • ....or unpacking at the end of the trip.  Now that's the job I really used to dislike.
  • There's no worries about luggage allowances as we've got everything with us.   I don't have to choose what to take from my wardrobe, for instance.  It's all there! 
  • We can't forget anything.
  • We don't have to use up a whole load of food before we go away.  Our fridge goes with us
  • We can do an entire food shop in France so we can pretend that we're still there for a while afterwards.
The best thing is that we know that we're going to be comfortable in our surroundings. It is the home that we've created after all.


  1. Sounds bliss. Have a lovely time with Louis.

  2. Sounds wonderful. We used to go to Brittany ( Eurocamp) when the boys were small. Have a great time and enjoy your boy, they grow up far too soon!

  3. I can only imagine the experience. Have a lovely break.

  4. Awww ..... Sounds lovely! Enjoy!

  5. Safe journey and enjoy.

  6. Bon Voyage! Have a fab time. Eat some pain au chocolate for me, from the 2nd bakery away from the car park in Roscoff. Yum

  7. I have motorhome envy! Have a wonderful time. Sal x

  8. A cottage in every location. Bikes on the back are essential... or even a moped maybe? The biggest motorhome-fest over here is The Tour de France; the roadsides are thick with them. Best way to see the race too, you watch as they pass (10 seconds), then watch the rest on TV.

  9. I missed you, but I am certain that the pair of you will have a marvellous time.